Outdoor Concrete Staining

Outdoor Concrete Staining

A business or home doesn’t begin inside – It starts at the curb. A fast and surprisingly inexpensive way of quickly increasing curb appeal is Staining the concrete. No longer will your home just be another house on the street. It can quickly transform a space from bland to beautiful. There are many option available for this system: color choices, color combinations, concrete engraving, overlayments, trowel techniques, finishes, and finally the various top coats available – acrylic sealing, or polyurethane.

The concrete mix design and chemical properties of the concrete slab makes each and every concrete stain application unique, be it a textured concrete floor or a smooth concrete slab. There are numerous design techniques and effects that are possible with staining. To make for a more controlled application, We recommend using one of our concrete overlay systems.

Typical Applications: Driveways, walkways, patio, store front entrance, entertaining areas, sidewalks, and many more…

Benefits: Low Cost, Greatly increases curb appeal, Protects concrete from elements, and creates a Beautiful Aesthetic Appeal.

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