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Our flooring systems can easily be customized for your specific needs or wants. Whether it is a logo, custom color matching, distinguishing safety areas, additives to your system, or something very creative. The possibilities are really endless.

Our Systems Can Be Installed Over Many Substrates

Our coating systems can be installed over concrete, wood, certain self leveling overlayments, and even preexisting vct. They can be installed inside or outside depending upon your desires. We have them in airplane hangars, manufacturing facility, inside homes, and even on pontoon boats. Our chemical coatings are truly extraordinary.

Have a Specific Problem?

Every flooring project is unique and many require a custom flooring solution. Whatever your flooring need is we have a solution: increasing slip resistance, increasing chemical resistance, decreasing company down time, shape of current floor, bacteria control, vapor transimission, thermal shock, thermal cycling, electric static dissipating, VOC compliance, increasing impact resistance, budget, or just creating a custom aesthetically pleasing floor.


After years or decades of use, efficiently revitalize your flooring system by sanding the surface and applying a new topcoat. These systems are designed to last a lifetime.

Low Sound

Resinous flooring systems provide a seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts.


Resinous flooring provides a seamless flow of wall to wall beauty that does not collect dirt, moisture, or germs